Hi, I'm Jen!


Imagine what the Up Level Mastermind could do for your business!


Are you producing reliable, consistent income but can't seem to take it higher? Do you feel...

(If you are in your first 1-3 years of business and are highly motivated to start producing consistent reliable income, then visit this page because this mastermind is the one for you: https://www.jenargue.com/breakthroughmastermind) 

you should be further along for how smart you are? 

➖a struggle with turning off work? 

➖Alone without a reliable sounding board?

Like you need a group of business sisters on speed dial for some outside perspective? 

"Shiny Object Syndrome" Slowing You Down?

"Jen Argue's Masterminds are a shortcut to success!"  - Corinne B.

You're a visionary and you're quick to notice all the shiny things! Totally understandable!
A mastermind keeps you accountable to be focused on the bottom line.
Trying to do this journey alone will wear you out and cause your business to suffer. Why would you want to even try?
Many of the most successful people are in masterminds and contribute that to their success.

Get FOCUS & RESULTS without burning out!

🔶Deeply connect with a small tight knit group of smart, like-minded, success-focused entrepreneurial women to share your vulnerability and your wins

🔶Meet 2x/month and get a hot seat (complete focus on you!) each time 

🔶Brainstorm with your trusted group, work out all your ideas 

🔶Follow through even when shiny objects appear OR you're "not feeling it" because your group is supporting you 

🔶Increase your income and impact faster and in a way that is a lot more fun than going at it alone

🔶All meetings are through Zoom videoconference, and there are meeting times to suit all time zones!

Masterminds are for MOMENTUM

You'll take more ACTION

Get more RESULTS faster

Experience a SYNERGY of ideas

Feel SUPPORT from loyal members 

SIMPLIFY to create greater impact

AUTOMATE to make life easier

Be a CEO with more CONFIDENCE 

With This Mastermind You Can Expect More


Focus on what drives more revenue into your business. You will know your numbers like the BOSS that you are!


We see you! You can't hide in a mastermind. You get a hot seat at each meeting.


You'll no longer be the smartest person in the room. And your biz sisters will know you and your business extremely well.


With a laser focus on your business, you'll get clarity on the RIGHT ideas to put into action.


Think of all the positive impact your business creates for you and your customers. Imagine that multiplied!!


Be supercharged for your business and your self-care. Believe in yourself and know your mastermind does too! 

How do you qualify?

It's exclusively for women entrepreneurs who:

  • Are a digital entrepreneur.
  • Making 5 or 6 figures consistently. 
  • Massive imperfect action takers.
  • Generous givers and receivers of feedback
  • Have a growth mindset and positive attitude.
  • Able to attend most every meeting.
  • Willing to invest financially to grow your business faster.
  • If you're all of these things, but not producing any consistent income yet, the Breakthrough Mastermind is your ticket! https://www.jenargue.com/breakthroughmastermind

Apply now for the 2020 mastermind!

Applications close as soon as all 8 spots are filled for each group.

This mastermind isn't for you if

  • you can't commit to each meeting.
  • you're income isn't consistent and reliable in the upper 5-6 figure range. 
  • you can't give or receive feedback.
  • you make excuses for not making progress or showing up.
  • you're not willing to make a financial investment to up level.

You Can Experience Success Too!

Flo, Performing Artist

Jen has an absolute beautiful and genuine heart for ENCOURAGING others! I highly recommend her Mastermind!  


Nina Russo, Photographer

I highly recommend Jen Argue's Masterminds to anyone trying to get to the next level in their professional life.


Paula Sword Orr, Writer

Jen's mastermind encouraged me to see beyond my blind spots. It surprised me how quickly things got real and how tightly the group bonded. 

Courtney Boudet, Bookkeeping Expert for Small Business Owners

This mastermind has been one of the best experiences. What's been life changing is the bonding in our group! Also, our uniquenesses really draw out amazing problem solving which helps me see my business with fresh eyes. 


Silvia García, Licensed Therapist & Meditation Instructor

This group inspired me to have the courage to take big steps and stay committed to action. Also, I live in Mexico and the value of seeing different perspectives is something I really enjoy.


Corinne Boudreau, Canadian Small Business Lawyer

With Jen Argue's Mastermind I feel like I have a short cut to success. The relationships are refreshing to me, too, as I primarily work from home. Being able to network with people from all over is invigorating.



Are you like most of my Masterminders?

Women in my masterminds say they... 

  • are go-getters 
  • are visionaries 
  • LOVE what they do!
  • have had successful careers before focusing on their new entrepreneurial enterprise
  • love to be challenged 
  • absolutely struggle with the journey- growth is HARD!
  • value self-care but have a hard time implementing it
  • always want to be leveling up
  • crave meaningful community that challenges them
  • want to bust out of self-limiting beliefs


Do you see yourself in any of these?

Are you willing to take massive imperfect action NOW?

What's the investment?

More importantly- What will you lose if you don't apply?

Where will you be 6 or 12 months from now if you DON'T have a mastermind with all the accountability, support, and brilliant brainstorming?

It'll cost you RESULTS if you don't join.

Masterminds get people further faster. You can't read the label from the inside of a jar. You need others to help you identify what you're not seeing or haven't thought of.

It'll also cost you TIME if you don't join.

The mistake most people make is thinking they can go faster on their own. Think of someone successful who you look up to. Do you think they got there alone? They most likely had a group they could trust.

Only apply if you're a serious action taker.


A Few Important Juicy Details...

Lots of people have heard of masterminds, but the name gets thrown around a lot and can be confusing!

💡A mastermind is a group of the right people who meet consistently to take turns processing their business needs.

💡When they do that, everyone in the group brainstorms and piggy backs ideas off of each other to come up with an idea that just one person couldn't on their own- hence the name "mastermind!"

💡The "hot seat" is the term for when all the focus is on the person who is sharing their need!

💡What is just as great as being in the hot seat yourself, is experiencing and learning from others who are in the hot seat as well! We all learn from each other!

💡Lastly, the phrase, "a rising tide lifts all boats" is experienced in a fantastic way in a mastermind. The bonding and shared "wins" create an unbeatable dose of inspiration to create and keep producing!


👉Our location is on Zoom videoconference with suitable times for all time zones! All you need is good internet connection.

👉We'll meet 2x/month for 12 months. Exact dates below.

👉Each meeting is 2 hours with a Hot Seat time for every woman to work solely on her business.

👉All masterminds will fall in the same week. The date of your specific mastermind will depend on the set day of your specific group. 

👉Depending on which month you are starting in, our 24 meeting dates are within the following weeks of 1 year of your start date:



January 6th, 20th

February 3rd, 17th

March 2nd, 16th

-2 week break-

April 6th, 20th

May 4th, 18th

June 1st, 15th

-2 week break-

July 6th, 20th

August 3rd, 17th,

August (31st for Monday masterminds that won't meet on Mon. Sept. 7th)

September 8th (for Tue-Thur Masterminds), 21st

October 5th, 19th

November 2nd, 16th

-2 week break- 

December 7th, 21st (voted on)


January 4th, 18th

  • You'll find more time in your day to relax (or start another business -if you're like that!).
  • You'll become a pro at delegating and hiring for the right tasks.
  • You'll grasp self-care as a business strategy and your body and your relationships will flourish.
  • You'll reap the joy of more income and impact. What could happen as a result of that? That's up to you! 🎉


The value of the bi-weekly mastermind alone would normally be $24,000 for 12 months. 

Plus, there are incredible bonuses that support your success!

(see below!) 


Only 8 seats.

You could be in this stellar group of women, too! Think of what you could accomplish with other successful women entrepreneurs by your side!

All meetings are through Zoom videoconference with meeting times suitable for most time zones. 

Money Back Guarantee

I want happy masterminders! If for any reason, by the end of our first meeting, you're not 100% satisfied with your mastermind experience, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply email [email protected] requesting a full, immediate refund!

No questions asked! 

After that, there will be NO refunds. Considering the key to a successful mastermind is consistency, bonding, and reliability it would be destructive (and heartbreaking!) for the entire group to have a member drop out later.


BONUS #1: VIP Time with Jen ($1,997 value)!  

As part of Jen's mastermind, you'll also get 4 1:1 VIP business coaching sessions with Jen. One in each quarter. 

You will also have Jen on speed dial for immediate needs.

BONUS #2: Access to bookkeeping guidance and Quickbooks online subscription ($4,800 value)!

You can get by on sloppy or non-existent books until a certain point. Make sure your business is healthy & able to scale by keeping updated books. Monthly group check-in with a Quickbooks expert while in the mastermind.

BONUS #3: Private Online Meeting Space Just For Your Group ($2,000 Value)!

You can continue the brainstorming and accountability you started in the mastermind in between the meetings. Each mastermind has a separate group for confidentiality. When women show up for each other in between the regular meetings, the real mastermind magic starts to take shape. I've witnessed big business decisions made with confidence through the interactions in these groups.

BONUS #4: Guest Live Training ($6,000 Value)!

Each month we will have a guest speaker teach on a topic that is most helpful to the group and is in line with current trends in online marketing and being an entrepreneur. Guest expert topics include ads, copywriting, how to hire staff, and establishing systems to keep you sailing right through 6 figures into 7.

The total value of this 12 month mastermind is over $36,000!


What are the steps to join?

1. Click the "APPLY HERE" link below.

2. Pick a time on the schedule that works for us to talk.

3. Fill out the application connected to the scheduler.

4. Talk with me on a Zoom call to determine if it's a good fit! If yes, Hooray! The fun begins and you'll be sent a link to secure your spot and then you'll get to set up your first 1:1 with me. If no, we talk about next best options whether it's with me or someone else. I advocate for everyone's success. 


Early bird pricing exists until Dec. 1st and the spots in the group exist until it's filled and I'm actively already doing interviews. 


The meetings are the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 9am-11am PST through Zoom videoconference.


Jen Argue

Mastermind Facilitator

  • A licensed therapist and certified coach.
  • Expert in leading groups for high performance. 
  • Online marketing expert.
  • Mindset transformation expert.
  • See her member's testimonials & how they love the RESULTS they're getting in her groups!
  • She's developed the SPARK method of transformation that has worked across the board for her members to experience success in upscaling their businesses faster than without her method. 

The Exclusive SPARK METHOD gets you RESULTS

I developed the SPARK method after a year of testing different methods to get the most results with the least amount of time and effort.



Your group is carefully chosen so you are not the smartest person in the room.



You get reliable and trustworthy objective input on your business from everyone in your group.



When you share you will do something before the next meeting, you get to answer to the group at the next meeting. 



Self-care isn't a guilty pleasure, it's a business strategy and we take that seriously. 



You have the opportunity to keep track of all the numbers that keep you focused on revenue generating activities. 


Could you use a SPARK in your business? 

Let This Be YOUR Year!

Say 'hello!' to an up-leveled, smart community of women entrepreneurs and get ready for your best year ever!


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