It's time for your BREAKTHROUGH year!

Connect with like-minded women who inspire, challenge, and support you! Build a business that brings you joy and financial independence. For digital CEO's who want this to be their BREAKTHROUGH year!


In the Breakthrough Mastermind You'll Get...

Extreme Focus

Here's a little secret: Knowing your next step kills overwhelm and puts you on a fast track. Women in my groups know exactly what their action plan is and move with extreme focus and purpose.

Tight Community

Unlike regular group coaching where you're not required to show up and you might never get a hot seat, your attendance here is required and you get a hot seat every time. This leads to a tight group of like-minded women who really know each other. 

Outside Perspective

Others can see things in your business life that you can't. Learn from others and be in a group that stretches and challenges you to grow. You'll bust through blindspots to your breakthrough faster.

Masterminds are for ACTION! Here's a sneak peek at the features to create traction in your biz!

Consistent Mastermind Meetings

  • 2 hours long
  • 12-2pm Mondays, 2x/month, for 1 year- a proven time for profound results
  • Hot seats for each person each time
  • Group size: Max 10

Full Access to Jen and Your Other Members

If you need a quick check-in, you got it!

Your own private FB group

Sometimes you get ideas from our conversations in the mastermind that pop in your head in the middle of the week. Here's where you can share your brilliance.

Quarterly 1:1 Plan your 90 Day Sprint Sessions with Jen

Plan your 90-day sprints each quarter so you know exactly what you're doing.  You'll have me in your corner to get crystal clear on your next steps.

Get a business BREAKTHROUGH!

1. Schedule an interview. 2. Fill out the application. 3. Strap on your seatbelt because this is the fast track!

The Cost of Inaction

Feel like you should be farther along than you are? Does overwhelm feel defeating?

When getting started it feels like there are a million things to do.

Taking no action leads to no results.

Taking little action leads to little results.

Taking BIG action and fast, gets you revenue faster.

MASTERMINDS are the BEST resource for getting you MOVING!

"This mastermind has been one of the best experiences. What's been life changing is the bonding in our group! Also, our uniquenesses really draw out amazing problem solving which helps me see my business with fresh eyes. "

Courtney Boudet

"I highly recommend Jen Argue's Masterminds to anyone trying to get to the next level in their professional life."

Nina Russo Davis

"Jen has an absolute beautiful and genuine heart for ENCOURAGING others! I highly recommend her Mastermind! "


What's the investment, Jen?

A worthy investment will always include time and dollars. 

Imagine a whole year going by without having the support, challenge, and inspiration of a smart, loyal, sounding board who is invested in your success.

Now imagine having the support of an online business strategist and therapist and a small group of driven, experienced, kind, and loyal business owners, just like you, who know you and your business very well.

We'll help you discover the keys to unlocking your growth and help you see what you can't.

You'll commit, along with your other superstar members, to a year of regularly attending our meetings 2 Mondays a month at 12pm-2pm PT on Zoom. 

No tire kickers here. Only the serious should apply. You can create massive action & a business BREAKTHROUGH for $12,000 pay in full or through 12 installments of $1,200.

I can't tell you how many of my members pay in full and in a week make the exact amount they invested. There's something about the money appearing right when you take action.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business to get to the next level even faster?



Awesome Guest Teachers

The lineup will be customized for your needs. Hear experts on topics that really matter to you. FB Ads, Copywriting, Bookkeeping, Launching, Automation... whatever meets your needs, you'll get!


Fun & surprises keep motivation high! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep you on your toes!


Keep organized by having all your guides and growth sheets in ONE PLACE in a membership site. 

Make More Income & Impact

Hey there, I'm Jen!

The reason I facilitate masterminds is because I was once in your shoes.

I know how building a business on my own without a group of rock star business sisters at my side can feel isolating.

I also wondered about my blindspots and knew that others could help me break through those faster. Not just anyone though, the right like-minded group who gets me.

I'm a mental health therapist and an online business strategist for online businesses helping women entrepreneurs fast track their business without burning out. Self-care is a business strategy here.

Impact your family, your causes, and your very own life with more income through the strength of a mastermind.

Your dreams are worth investing in.

Let's do this!


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