Are You In a Mastermind?

Women Entrepreneurs- Mastermind groups sky rocket your impact and profits & ban burnout!


Love productivity?

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What's a Mastermind? 


you were having coffee with a group of like minded friends...

you each took the time to listen to each others business goals...

you held each other accountable...

and you even did a brainstorm for each persons dilemmas... 

That's just like a Mastermind!

An expertly led Mastermind is like this group, EXCEPT

  • it meets consistently without fail 

  • each member is expected to always be present

  • it's confidential

  • it's expertly facilitated

  • there’s an effective structure

  • there's equal time for all

  • it's a gracious, encouraging community 

  • it's a community that "gets you"
  • there's top notch accountability 

  • problem solving time is expertly led  
  • each group is carefully matched for each other

Your Jen Argue Mastermind will:

  • boost your productivity!

  • help you finish that program, course, project, or book you've been working on!
  • give you clarity on your current business goals and strategy!

  • help you to NOT feel alone anymore. Be with people who "get you"

  • excite you, knowing you always have a sounding board at your fingertips

  • and most importantly, your success mindset will be cemented and your self-doubt will fade away 

Why Be In A Mastermind?

You'll get...


Connect with like minded peers who've been carefully curated for your group who'll help you move forward — you’ll love your group!


Be compelled to follow through on your goals knowing that your peers will be asking about them at the next meeting!


Get all kinds of innovative ideas with a carefully curated, highly engaged group. Everyone's actively engaged in your business goals and brings something new to the table.

Here's what others have to say...

"Jen's coaching, along with the common sense responses from the other group members, encouraged me to see beyond my blind spots and create and complete those ridiculously small, actionable goals. The accountability of facing my cohorts at each meeting spurred me to action, and it surprised me how quickly things got real, how tightly the group bonded."


"Jen has a gift for pulling out the potential in people. She has an absolute beautiful and genuine heart . The Mastermind was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to accomplish big goals, see change and progress in their lives, and go about work and life with support instead of struggling alone."

Flo Soul

"Masterminds by Jen Argue enabled me to get clear on my goals and to break them down into doable tasks. The peer support and accountability kept me moving forward on days I wasn’t “feeling it”. I highly recommend Jen's Masterminds to anyone trying to get to the next level in their personal or professional life."



Hi! I'm Jen,

I founded Jen Argue Masterminds for busy, goal oriented women entrepreneurs.

It was born out of my own frustrations  with entrepreneurship of trying to gain traction with my passions and going it alone. 

We entrepreneurs are typically multi-passionate and have the "shiny object" syndrome. Getting traction can be hard.

Expertly facilitated Masterminds help you focus on GETTING STUFF DONE & getting it done faster, with the best solutions, and in a happier way- with a smart group of women by your side.

What sets Jen Argue Masterminds apart from others is that I want you to HAVE IT ALL... impact, profits, AND a soul that feels alive and connected! We don't just ban burn out, we actively practice self-care.

How do I join a Jen Argue Mastermind?

Or maybe you're asking, "who can apply?" Ambitious women entrepreneurs who want to bust through their mental blocks! Those who are passionate about getting unstuck so they can accomplish their dreams and not get burned out! Is that you? If YES, then, CLICK on the button below and schedule a time to talk on the phone so we can see which group is best for you. I curate my groups to provide you with the best fit and experience. I can't wait to talk with you and learn more about your business and all of it's potential to grow!


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