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What is a Mastermind Group?

Imagine you are having coffee with a group of like-minded friends and women entrepreneurs. You each take the time to listen to each other's business goals and personal dilemmas, and you brainstorm ways to solve those dilemmas and achieve your goals. You all agree to hold each accountable at the next meeting. That’s the foundation of a mastermind group — a tight-knit community of women entrepreneurs supporting each other.

What can expert-led mastermind groups from Jen Argue offer?

  • Consistent, well-organized meetings

  • Confidential personal and professional conversations and advice

  • Expert facilitation and meeting structure

  • An empathetic, gracious, and encouraging community

  • Effective problem-solving tools and mindset strategies

  • Accountability

  • Carefully curated and matched groups


What are the benefits of Jen Argue Masterminds?

  • Improved productivity

  • Clarified business goals and strategies

  • A finished product — whether it be a program, course, project, service, or book

  • Companionship with like-minded women entrepreneurs that lets you know that you're not alone

  • A solid sounding board and expert business advice at your fingertips

  • An empowering success-focused mindset that erodes self-doubt


Why Join a Mastermind Group?

You'll get three major benefits


Access a carefully curated community and powerful network of fellow women entrepreneurs who will help you move forward.


Strategic and timely expectations and goal setting will motivate you and help you get the results you need to find success!


A fun, thoughtful, and well-facilitated group will provide you with new, innovative ideas and business tactics that will take your project or business to the next level!


What other women entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders are saying…

"Jen's coaching, along with the common sense responses from the other group members, encouraged me to see beyond my blind spots and create and complete those ridiculously small, actionable goals. The accountability of facing my cohorts at each meeting spurred me to action, and it surprised me how quickly things got real, how tightly the group bonded."


"Jen has a gift for pulling out the potential in people. She has an absolute beautiful and genuine heart . The Mastermind was a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to accomplish big goals, see change and progress in their lives, and go about work and life with support instead of struggling alone."

Flo Soul

"Masterminds by Jen Argue enabled me to get clear on my goals and to break them down into doable tasks. The peer support and accountability kept me moving forward on days I wasn’t “feeling it”. I highly recommend Jen's Masterminds to anyone trying to get to the next level in their personal or professional life."



Hi! I'm Jen,

I founded Jen Argue Masterminds for busy, goal-oriented women entrepreneurs. It was born out of personal and professional frustrations and hurdles I faced during entrepreneurial endeavors that I was trying to pursue on my own.

As independent women entrepreneurs, we are often highly motivated and passionate, even as we face similar issues. The motivation and grit needed to succeed as an independent woman entrepreneur can lead to feelings of loneliness. Multiple passions can distract from prioritizing critical and strategic goals. Capitalizing on new, innovative ideas and getting business traction can be difficult, even for the most focused of us.

Expertly facilitated mastermind groups by women entrepreneurs, for women entrepreneurs are designed to solve these and other common issues we face. By bringing together a group of smart, talented people, mastermind groups act as sounding boards to check goals, strategies, and expectations, and they provide a supportive and effective accountability mechanism to ensure that you get solutions and results in a happier and faster manner.

As a professional psychologist and seasoned entrepreneur, my goal is to carefully curate a mastermind group that will have the impact and profits you’re looking for, while also effectively handling burnout, feelings of loneliness, and issues with productivity.

Have questions or want to learn more about my background and services? Read about my work and coaching services, join the mastermind group for women entrepreneurs Facebook page, or schedule an hour-long consultation today!

Joining a Mastermind Group with Jen Argue

A mastermind group is an incredible asset for ambitious women entrepreneurs who are passionate about overcoming barriers and accomplishing their dreams. If you are highly motivated and if you engage fully in the mastermind group experience, together we will get out of mental and emotional ruts, conquer feelings of loneliness and burnout, and empower one another to be productive and grow. I can’t wait to talk with you and learn about your business goals and dreams!


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