What Are Your Plans To Take Your Business To The Next Level?

Is a Mastermind right for you? If you're unsure, click "Apply Here" under any of the options below and we can chat and see if any of the options are right for you.

One on One

Work privately with Jen to increase your performance levels in your business, uncover and easily move past mindset blocks, receive accountability in working your plan, and know that you have someone in your corner as you're facing the hard challenges of growth. Leave our sessions feeling focused and energized with the clarity you need to succeed.

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12 Month Mastermind

For ambitious female entrepreneurs to experience progress like never before with a business transforming 12 month commitment to a group of 4-5 like-minded peers. Includes: 2 1:1 sessions with Jen, Guided Focus Work time, & a Private Facebook group with regular high performance instruction. Learn more by clicking below.

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Community Focus Sessions

An affordable online space where you can focus on your work with others who are doing the same thing. What could you accomplish in a 3 hour block? Finish that blog, book, screenplay, course, webinar, document... the possibilities are endless! It's called the Start to Finish Movement!

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Who are the Masterminds for?

They're for WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS who want to FOCUS better, gain more TRACTION, and have a reliable, trusted SOUNDING BOARD of peers so they can make more MONEY and create more IMPACT more quickly and enjoy the SUCCESS they know they deserve.

Do you ever...

⭐️ feel like you have a ton of great ideas but have a hard time with follow through?

⭐️take a lot of courses but, not for lack of talent, have a hard time finishing them or implementing them?

⭐️sometimes live the “all or nothing” lifestyle where you work so much on your business that you don’t tend to your family or relationships? Sometimes, your own self care can fall by the wayside.

⭐️have golden intentions to work on your business, but “life” keeps getting in the way and you can’t seem to gain traction or always feels behind?

⭐️have plans for your business, but don’t have a consistent sounding board of people who can clarify or encourage your ideas?

⭐️wish you didn’t feel alone in the entrepreneur world?

Then a Mastermind IS FOR YOU, my friend!


By becoming a member of a Mastermind group, 


~ ACCESS TO A PRIVATE  MEMBERSHIP SITE for regular infusions of high performance and self care strategies.
~ ACCESS TO A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP to stay connected to your group members in between meetings and continue the brainstorming and support.


Jen Argue Mastermind Benefits: 

Develop a Clear Plan for Business Success

Your mastermind will help you stay focused on the important tasks and goals your business needs now. You'll find less distraction from "shiny object syndrome" that most entrepreneurs get.

Bust Out Of Immobilizing Fear And Get Into Action

In other words, you are in control of your thoughts. When changes start being made, the status quo keeper in your brain likes to speak up and it often sounds like an inner critic. That inner critic is allowed to be there, but its best if it doesn’t speak. Break through the mental resistance that comes with change- the self doubt, the fear, anxiety, and all the things that keep you playing small so that you can begin taking successful action in your life and work. You can gain confidence and courage from others in your group who believe in you.

Build A Powerful Self Care Strategy

Taking action on anything new creates stress. Even when working on a good cause, new behaviors can cause stress that can take a toll on one’s spirit and soul. A powerful self care strategy that is employed early and often will ensure the highest probability for you to get to the finish line not only in one piece, but fully charged with energy left to celebrate! Your group will hold you accountable not only to your business plan but to your self care plan.

Work It Out

Trying new strategies can be messy. You'll get a consistent and expertly facilitated group where you can experience the power of a mastermind group in action. Kind and honest accountability, a supportive atmosphere with a trusted peer group, and creative problem solving all based on your unique situation.  You can feel confident about where you’re going and how to get there. 

Receive Consistent Quality Motivation

Through our regular 2x/month mastermind meetings, and 24/7 membership site and Facebook group, you'll have access to constant quality motivation and instruction to support you when you're feeling off track or stuck.


We’ll celebrate wins and create the new habit of celebrating what’s showing up for you with your new found focus. What you focus on expands and everything you are learning and experiencing is of your creation. Your confidence will soar as you consistently produce results over and over again! Celebrate what shows up so you can pave the way for even more success!

Affirmations To Keep Your Mindset Strong

If your inner critic or even your outer critics in the form of well meaning friends or strangers are trying to keep you small and out of the game, you can develop the ability to stay focused and keep your spirits up through using affirmations. What you put in your mind and tell yourself over and over become your beliefs. Receive affirmations regularly in Jen Argue masterminds to combat the critics and stay focused. 

Maximized Support

Every high performer has a support team. Your mastermind is your high performance support system to keep your inspiration and feelings of connectedness high. Beat the loneliness and boredom with your new mastermind group.

Fine-tune Your Priorities To Do What Really Matters

There are effective ways to analyze your to do list and figure out what needs to be at the top of the list and what needs to go on the back burner. Honing that list to maximize your time, profits, and soul will serve you well and lead you into that abundant lifestyle.

Feel Powerful

Often times we feel lost or out of control when we could be feeling more secure. Having a sounding board will help you feel more confident and powerful in your business approach. You’ll feel more confident because you’ll know what you want and how to get it in a successful way.



Masterminds are an amazing tool to accomplish MORE impact and income in a faster and better way than going at it alone!

If this is for you, if you need a group who's got your back and is eagerly working alongside you, click "APPLY HERE!" and lets set up a time to talk!

Let's talk about where you are at in your business and life and what your needs are to see if this program is right for you!

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The Goals with Soul Masterminds Are For...

Those who want the sustained benefits of accountability and inspiration to maximize their business growth, earnings potential, and build and keep to an overall strategy.



Focus on leveraging your business systems and mindset to keep maximizing your profit earning potential as well as focus on why we became entrepreneurs in the first place- to have a schedule we call our own and to enjoy life to its fullest!



A Mastermind is different than group coaching. A Mastermind group contains equal time for each member to share their wins, their goals, and creative problem solving for their dilemmas. This gives the group time to celebrate each person, know how to keep each other accountable, and brainstorm for each particular situation.


All Goals With Soul Masterminds include a 5-10 mn time of teaching productivity techniques.



The assumption with a Mastermind is that you are an aspiring achiever,  learner, and have plenty of ideas to implement (maybe from past courses that you need to work through again?) on top of the basics.



Having skin in the game with your financial and time commitment and having a caring and consistent group holding you accountable and helping you with creative problem solving will take you farther faster than going at it alone.



The Goals with Soul Masterminds are expertly facilitated which gives each member comfort in knowing that the group has been carefully formed and curated to ensure:







I am very choosy who I allow to join the Goals with Soul Masterminds.

A 3 month or 1 year commitment is a very strong decision and not for the faint at heart. It's not for those who can't commit for that long or think their business may not last that long.

There are no refunds if you fold your business. We are committed to success with your time and profits. 

The Mastermind community is a strong, loyal, fierce, loving bunch incredibly dedicated to making progress.

We will have each other's backs, support each other when someone is having a hard moment or a hard season, and give every effort to generate brilliant ideas for each other.

We commit to showing up to EACH meeting as we know the GOLD is in consistency.


Masterminds are for you if...

  • You are committed to working hard and making consistent progress on your dreams.
  • You are committed to showing up to EACH meeting.
  • You are ready to INVEST in yourself and your dreams.
  • You can actively participate by both receiving feedback from and giving feedback to others.
  • You welcome kind hearted and reliable accountability.
  • You enjoy fresh ideas to infuse new life into your situation.

Masterminds are not for you if...

  • You don’t need accountability to help reach the next level.
  • You are too busy to regularly commit to showing up.
  • You consistently make excuses about not doing your work.
  • You don’t need fresh ideas from others to spur you on.
  • You don’t like to get input from others or give it as well.
  • You aren't really committed to growing your business.

And it's OK, we're still friends and can work together in different ways that are just as meaningful and exciting! 


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