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Jen's Speaking Topics & Teaching Opportunities

Speaking Topic: Masterminds

  • 10 Things an Exceptional Mastermind will do for Your Business
  • Mastermind 101 - The ins and outs of a mastermind, what is it, what to expect, where to find and how to choose. (Perfect for a new group of business owners or experienced business owners wanting to level up and looking for close contact with the right people.)
  • The Power of the Right Circle of People in Your Life
  • Start Your Own Peer-Led Mastermind. The difference between paid and free masterminds and how to make yours a success.


Speaking Topic: Personality Strengths for Business Success

  • How Women Entrepreneurs can achieve greater profits and success by  tapping into their unique personalities
  • All about the Enneagram, MBTI, Strengths Finder and DISC personality tests


Speaking Topic: Boundaries in Business

  • Why female entrepreneurs should be clear on their priorities and respect theirselves first

  • Setting boundaries with clients: from the inbox, FB Groups, social media DMs and every single notification 

  • Learning how to say NO and honor your yes and no’s



Speaking Topic: Self Care for Female Entrepreneurs

  • Self-care is not a luxury, it's a business strategy.
  • Why female entrepreneurs should be clear on their priorities and respect theirselves first 

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"This mastermind has been one of the best experiences. What's been life changing is the bonding in our group! Also, our uniquenesses really draw out amazing problem solving which helps me see my business with fresh eyes. "

Courtney Boudet

"I highly recommend Jen Argue's Masterminds to anyone trying to get to the next level in their professional life."

Nina Russo Davis

"Jen has an absolute beautiful and genuine heart for ENCOURAGING others! I highly recommend her Mastermind! "


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