2 Factors That Matter When Choosing The ‘BEST’ Mastermind

choosing mastermind tips Nov 16, 2019

From the moment we wake it seems like everyone is vying for our attention. It doesn’t matter if it's for new clothes, a fitness fad, or a cup of coffee, people want you to commit to their brand. With all the noise it can be easy to lose sight of what we really need. Have you ever had that experience when you received something you’ve purchased and thought, “What was I thinking?” It happens to the best of us!

As a growing business leader, keeping focused on what you really need in the midst of all the static is crucial, especially when it comes to developing yourself. You have likely heard that Masterminds are a great way to grow your business by growing yourself.

The key is to ensure you invest in the mastermind you really need.

In my experience, the leaders who choose the best masterminds remember that there are only two factors that really matter. Stick with these and you can’t go wrong:

1. Getting a great facilitator

A top-notch facilitator designs, leads, and orchestrates every meeting to stretch and encourage every member. They know how to give you direct attention (through the hot seat) while also cultivating the power of the gathered group. When you’re searching for a mastermind with a great facilitator, consider asking them these questions:

      • What is your goal with every mastermind?
      • How do you handle divergent members?
      • What can I expect to receive from you at every session and in between sessions?

2. Joining a group with the right qualifications

Your best mastermind is filled with peers with whom you find affinity, but also challenge you. Every group member is committed to taking action (not just thinking about it) and push everyone in the group to take risks and give it their best shot. The group is kind but also straight shooting. Your facilitator should set this expectation as they recruit and lead your group. When you’re searching for a mastermind with a quality group, consider asking the facilitator these questions:

      • What are the qualifications of your ideal member?
      • What are your mastermind expectations for participating and engaging one another?
      • What are the attendance expectations? 

Don’t let all the marketing about masterminds distract you from focusing on what you really want and need! Remember these two factors and start investing in a better you and a better business!



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