Welcome to the Breakthrough Mastermind


Welcome to the Breakthrough Mastermind 

This is the The Breakthrough Mastermind Show and I’m your host  Jen Argue. Today, I’m excited to let you in on the magic of masterminds and set the course for our new adventure.

Let’s go!


Imagine this…

Welcome to the first Breakthrough Mastermind Podcast. Allow me to set the stage for you. 

Imagine having coffee... with a group of your friends who are smart and caring. They are also a  group who you feel really understand you because in many ways, they’re in the same boat you are after chatting for a bit, you share with your friends, a struggle that you’re having. They might even ask you some clarifying questions to make sure they really get  it. Then you  invite their input. From the knowledge of their own education and experience, they generously share an idea to help you out. That’s great, isn’t it? But wait, it gets better now that they’ve heard each other’s ideas. It sparks new and frankly, even better ideas to share with you. Ideas that wouldn’t have come out if they didn’t have the inspiration from the others that they just heard. That second round of brainstorming that brought new inspired ideas- that’s what’s called the Mastermind. It’s the collective genius of everyone in the room. Some people call it a "brain trust".


Benefits of a Mastermind

I love that I get to facilitate masterminds for entrepreneurs in the online space to help them scale their businesses with more ease because when they get the advice of those in their group, they shave months, if not years of learning of learning and deciding what to determine to do next it's often why I say...

Masterminds are a fast track to success. A group like this not only helps you see what you can’t see in yourself but each person in the group brings their own expertise to advise you from their own knowledge bank.  So you get real time outside  perspective and you get the collective genius.


My mission for this show

My mission for this show is to bring the experts to you. 

By experts, I mean business owners who are experts at their craft, have broken through the growth stage, and are scaling. 

With hopes to inspire and educate on what has helped them achieve that and the ways you can apply it to scale your businesses with more ease. 

In the upcoming episodes, I’ll be 

  • Interviewing entrepreneurs who’ve experienced a breakthrough in their business.
  • I'll be sharing the trends of what’s currently making a difference for online digital entrepreneurs. 
  • And I think it’s only appropriate to bring in a group and do some real live masterminding. 
  • If you’re an established entrepreneur you’d like to be a guest for podcast mastermind, please send an email request [email protected]. I would love to do meet you and consider having you on the show.


Why people need masterminds

What I hear so many people say is that running a business as an online entrepreneur gets lonely. Without having a group, you start to feel isolated, especially the higher you get, the fewer there are up there and to get you so motivation can drop, focus can drop. And all these things can lead to burnout, anxiety, and possibly wanting to throw your whole business away. 

Yes, masterminds come with all kinds of benefits such as the brainstorming of brilliant ideas, the accountability of having a group to answer and the ease in experiencing more success because of the rising tide principle. When you're around others who are succeeding, you start to experience a new set point of success making it easier to achieve.

But far and above all those amazing benefits, we have to take into consideration that we are human beings running a business. We are designed for connection, especially meaningful connections. And for whatever reason people join a mastermind, whether it's for networking, accountability, making more money, after people join, the reason they love it and stay is because they feel SUPPORT from other humans who get them. 

That is a priceless experience especially in the fast moving and isolating world of entrepreneurship. We are all just looking for meaningful support.


See if my mastermind is right for you.

If you’re not in a mastermind, hopefully this podcast will inspire you to get in one. Head over to my website, jenargue.com, to book a call with me to see if my group is a good fit for you. And if not, I can direct you to one that is. You can also access on my website, a freebie that gives you eight questions to ask before joining any mastermind.

Well, that was the first show and it was so fun to spend time with you. I will meet you back here in the next episode where how share a bit of who I am my own breakthrough experience in my mastermind and the success stories of members in the masterminds I facilitate, which all contribute to my passion for helping others experienced success with masterminds.


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