013 Interview with Jessica Berk, CEO Awesome Little Sleepers (Episode 13)

In this show we go behind the scenes of Awesome Little Sleepers to learn how Jessica Berk grew her successful business out of a natural progression of needing to learn how to help her first baby sleep, to helping friends with their babies’ sleep, to having a waitlist she could barely get through, to the ache that was growing in her heart knowing she could help so many more but wasn’t sure how. She shares how she figured it out and what that’s done for her business today (having her first 6 figure month) and all the people who she’s helped feel normal again from restoring a full night's sleep.

Masterclass: awesomelittlesleepers.com/toddler-masterclass

Website: www.awesomelittlesleepers.com

Email: [email protected]

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