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Breakthrough Mastermind Show with Jen Argue

Breakthrough Mastermind Show with Jen Argue

Hosted by: Jen Argue

The Breakthrough Mastermind Show goes behind the scenes of six-plus figure entrepreneurs to learn what made the biggest difference for them reaching their current levels of success.

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023 Guest Interview with Megan Yelaney, Pretty Awkward Entrepreneur (Episode 23)

Today on the show Megan Yelaney, shares her journey from network marketing to a 7 figure online coaching business. She explains how she started out and how her product suite went through various transformations to...
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022 How to Beat the Post- Vacation Back to Work Blues (Episode 22)

Do you feel like you hit a brick wall when it comes to getting back into the swing of things at work after a vacation? We often lose the level of momentum we had before we left. Listen in to how to get that momentum...
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021 Digital Nomad Lessons (Episode 21)

Working remotely in Mexico for the past month, I have learned some things while being a digital nomad. Running a fully digital business allows people the freedom to work wherever they want to lie their head. And with...
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020 Guest Interview with Theresa Loe, CEO Streamlined and Scaled (Episode 20)

Theresa Loe is my guest today on the Breakthrough Mastermind Show. Theresa is an expert on how to lead an effective self-managed team from having been a co-executive television producer for 9 years. Her wisdom on this...
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019 Interview with Kyra Matos, Mantis Massage (Episode 19)

In this episode, Kyra, a member of my mastermind and who owns two successful corrective deep tissue massage studios in Austin Texas shares her inspiring journey of building her business from the ground up. Her...
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018 Guest Interview with Jen Berson, Jeneration PR and Jeneration Academy (Episode 18)

In this episode, Jen Berson shares her journey from litigation lawyer to running a PR agency. She divulges what really helped her to succeed quickly with practical advice you can use right away! Jen is very open,...
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017 The Motivational Element of Masterminds (Episode 17)

In this episode we are talking about the most underrated element in Masterminds – motivation. Link in Bio: Social Urls: Apply to the...
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016 Values are the Key to Business Success (Episode 16)

In this episode I dive into the importance of knowing your values for you personally and for your company and how to use them to build a business you love.   Link in Bio: Social...
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015 Self-care as a Business Strategy (Episode 15)

In this episode, I share with you why describing self-care as a business strategy is a helpful sometimes necessary reframe for business owners. I share practical tips for different angles of approaching self-care as...
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014 Build Your Business with VIP Days with Sarah Masci (Episode 14)

In this episode, Sarah Masci shares how she grew her business from being a booked out and burned out graphic designer/tech expert to making more money in less time once she implemented VIP days. And now she is scaling...
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013 Interview with Jessica Berk, CEO Awesome Little Sleepers (Episode 13)

In this show we go behind the scenes of Awesome Little Sleepers to learn how Jessica Berk grew her successful business out of a natural progression of needing to learn how to help her first baby sleep, to helping...
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012 Guest Interview with Heather Sager, Speaking Coach (Episode 12)

In this show, Heather Sager, Speaking Coach, shares how her past experiences helped refine the skills she’s leaned on to build her successful business and how she’s able to help others grow their businesses by...
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