How to Trust the Twists and Turns


How to Trust the Twists and Turns

Here we are in the second episode of the Breakthrough Mastermind show where I’m laying the foundation for where we’re going.

Part of looking ahead is knowing where you came from and how that influences the journey you’re on. 

I invite you to walk with me today through the twists and turns of what led me here. Maybe you’ll see yourself in some of it and be inspired to lean into the opportunities that come your way!


My early years

So, thirty some years ago I started my career as a licensed mental health therapist. I loved what I did and I felt blessed that I could start a career right out of the gate that I loved.

The next 25 years held its share of twists and turns. Marriage, kids, and moving to 3 different states. And being a therapist is one of those careers where you need to apply for a license for each new state which entails fun things like board exams that require massive amounts of study. I was licensed in...

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The Beauty of a (Business) Community

Tell me about your family!

Who are your friends?

Where do you hang out and with whom?


We ask and answer these questions all the time. 

They’re questions of connection. And they remind us that our lives are not (and cannot) exist in isolation.


Life is richer together.

Family feels closer when we seek each other out. 

Friendships have a deeper meaning when we make time for each other.


The same goes for your business community.

But business relationships are harder to find.


Regularly, I’m impressed by women I meet, counsel, and coach who are remarkable at what they do– they're smart, visionary, accomplished.


But lonely.


It’s as if their business accomplishments have isolated them from others.

And they feel it.


Women business owners need connected relationships, as well.

In fact, I’ve discovered that those who prioritize their business community relationships go further and remain inspired.



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