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Breakthrough Mastermind Show with Jen Argue

Breakthrough Mastermind Show with Jen Argue

Hosted by: Jen Argue

The Breakthrough Mastermind Show goes behind the scenes of six-plus figure entrepreneurs to learn what made the biggest difference for them reaching their current levels of success.

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S2E8: Unlocking the Power of AI for Efficient Lead Generation and SEO (S2: Episode 08)

In this episode, I share the fundamental steps on how to get better lead generation and create more efficiency in your business using AI. I suggest using a combination of two or three different AI platforms, including...
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S2E7: How Do You Know When You're Ready To Lead A Mastermind (S2: Episode 07)

In today’s show, I talked about how to know when you are ready to lead a mastermind. I explain that there are two people who are intrinsically poised to lead a mastermind: an industry leader or someone who is skilled...
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S2E6: 4 Ways To Make More Money In Your Business (S2: Episode 06)

In today’s episode, I discuss four ways to create more revenue in your business. The first way is to increase the number of people being sold to through effective marketing, such as organic or paid marketing. The...
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S2:05 The Productivity Mindset (S2: Episode 05)

In this podcast episode, I dive into the crucial role of having a productivity mindset for growth in either business or personal endeavors. This includes trusting the process, pinpointing the cause of feeling...
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S2:04 Qualifications to Lead a Mastermind (S2: Episode 04)

A lot of people ask me if they are qualified enough to lead a mastermind group. They wonder if people would want to be in a group led by them. It’s not a common structure for most to employ. The most common structure...
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S2:03 Create Values for Your Mastermind (S2: Episode 03)

Values aren’t only important for hiring the best people to work for you, they’re also important for attracting the right fit people into your mastermind. If someone’s values really clash with yours it could really...
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S2:02 Benefits of Leading a Mastermind (S2: Episode 02)

In this episode, we explore the benefits of a mastermind from the perspective of a mastermind leader. We know how masterminds benefit those in them but what about the person leading them? It’s an opportunity for a big...
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S2:01 New Mastermind Course For Industry Experts (S2: Episode 01)

If you are an expert in your field, or you have the desire to help a certain group of people at a higher level, this episode is for you. There are many people who want to engage in deeper conversations with others,...
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038 Interview with Dr. Vaish Sarathy, Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Functional Learning Coach (Episode 38)

My guest Dr. Vaish Sarathy is an expert in non linear education and her passion for it has grown out of her own experience with having a son who's now 15 years old who is diagnosed with autism and Down syndrome. She's...
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037 Guest Interview with Roberto Candelaria, Sponsorship Strategist and Partnership Accelerator (Episode 37)

In today’s show, Jen and Roberto Candelaria a business coach and profit strategist have a conversation about what resources to lean on when things don’t go as planned. Roberto also shares what motivated him to pivot...
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036 Guest Interview with Katy Chen Mazzara, Trauma Informed Financial Coach - Money Mentor for Creatives (Episode 36)

My guest Katy Chen Mazzara, Financial Coach, and Mentor share her expertise in helping creatives gain financial freedom. Inconsistent income is common when it comes to being a business owner or another type of...
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035 Interview with Dr. Kristin Barnhart, Couples Therapist and CEO The Breakthrough Counselor (Episode 035)

In today's show, Dr. Kristin Barnhart, licensed psychologist and marriage coach, shares a plan to keep intimacy between you and your partner during the holidays or other social events. She also introduces her Marriage...
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